Artists for Literacy

Opening Sept. 29, 2022
Art Hall  |  519 NW 23rd St.  |  Oklahoma City

A juried art exhibition to bring the power of art to the issue of literacy.

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Building a stronger OKC through literacy

  •     Promoting awareness of literacy issues birth to adult
  •     Connecting learners to literacy resources
  •     Supporting direct-service literacy providers

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Promoting awareness of literacy issues birth to adult, connecting learners to literacy resources, and supporting direct-service literacy providers.

COVID Resources

During the pandemic everyone has different needs. Here are a variety of resources for Oklahomans to find assistance, services and information related to the COVID-19 virus.

See a full list of COVID Resources here.

Distance Learning Resources

COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has changed the way we approach public education and distance learning is prevalent in most communities. Thanks to education leaders and organizations across the United States, there are myriad resources for young people, parents, and educators to find grounding during this unprecedented moment and engage in rich distance learning experiences.

See a full list of distance learning resources here.

School Readiness

Literacy building blocks start from birth as a baby's brain grows through early language interactions. Talking to babies, singing to babies, and even reading to babies lays a solid foundation for school readiness and success in PreK and beyond. #ReadToBabiesOK

Third Grade Reading Success

After 3rd grade, students generally switch from learning to read to reading to learn. This makes mastery of basic reading skills crucial by the end of 3rd grade so they can be set up for later school success.

High School Graduation

High school graduation should be a launching pad for college or career success. Students who do not earn their high school diplomas have a much higher likelihood of unemployment and living in poverty.

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